monster headphones outlet WCBA finals at first zhejiang lost

The first two team confrontation is considered to be a peak confrontation, is going to be "female version o 'neal" waterfall camp against "female version James" Moore, although zhejiang women's basketball team regular season double play ShanXiDui finals, but the intense degree is different.

And the game's concern degree is different, the monster headphones outlet intense degree is still more than expected, and the result of the game, even in the first quarter of the game seems to have been doomed. After technical statistics, zhejiang women's basketball team and shanxi women's basketball team although is also 3 players in double camp, but the light and points and eight rebounds, obviously and Moore's 53 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists vary greatly.

The first section after the match began, the two teams, each with the same small high tide, but light camp in this section is a foul, but let the early was in trouble. The first day is not over, waterfall camp has three fouls.

The next two, Chinese have been trying to pursue, has been gripped the score. Fourth quarter, zhejiang even win, but once the camp of the waterfall was sent off, make the balance of victory finally fall to the visiting team.

After the game, zhejiang women's basketball team coach ZhengWu said. "in the team, we still made a very tough, but did not play a good start, and the main players foul too much. The last critical moment unfortunately, failed to grasp the monster outlets opportunity. We have confidence to save, try to play two away games."

The game has also attracted in the CBA very popular foreign aid marbury, at the scene to observe he said, "this is my first time to see women's basketball team finals, the heart is very excited."

Before the data shows, the join forces with the final two teams are not won the WCBA, no matter who the crown of game champs, this season will be born a new champions.

mercredi 30 janvier 2013 02:21

Coach Store I have already no longer is the world's five star

The Holland international play after sneijder was signed arrived in Istanbul, formal contract galatasaray. To leave inter join soil super decision, play after sneijder was signed said chose transfer galatasaray, because no longer sees himself as the world five star the. 

Play after sneijder was signed said: "why I didn't join Coach Store the European five giants? Because I have already no longer are five star, inter have also no longer is one of the five giants in 2010, we get the champions league, still." The 2009/10 season, when the top with inter milan play after sneijder was signed from even the champions league, serie a and the Italian cup, the European super cup and the world club cup five championship, time unlimited scenery. South Africa World Cup, continuation of the season play after sneijder was signed in good condition, and the Netherlands even g enemy into the finals, eventually lost overtime Spain. At that time, calls for the golden ball play after sneijder was signed in full flourish. Finally the Dutchman is messi, Harvey, after iniesta for 3 armour, cause great dispute. 

Now play after sneijder was signed with soil super, and gradually away from the European football's center stage. But the Dutch confident Coach Outlets said: "I don't doubt joining galatasaray for me is a kind of progress. I'll get to the main chance, in a strange league. Galatasaray are a great club, I'll have some great teammates, this is very important for the 2014 World Cup." 

This weekend, galatasaray in famous Istanbul Derby against besiktas. At the appointed time, is expected to usher in play after sneijder was signed in soil super league debut.

mercredi 23 janvier 2013 07:41

Coach Store Online An babar anxious to Chelsea win at home

The blues in Wednesday night's fa cup heavy games, at home in the face of Southampton, but in the leading case be opponents eventually tied 2-2, pull games. The game a draw that Chelsea since last November benitez took Coach Store Online over the team since, nearly six game at Stamford bridge have a victory, the record is embarrassing. The blues at the beginning of this month to sign former Newcastle united striker's babar think, the team must be in the home to find a solution to opponents, but not always nothing. When the club TV interview, the Senegal striker said: "a lot of teams come here is to hold the game instead of attitude, they feel the primary goal is to not lose. And when we are visiting team, opponents often come out and attack, because they think should win at home, to seize the opportunity. That's why we play away are often more, but in the home, we also need to find the way to win."
An babar also thought: "against Southampton immediately we have many good opportunities, but also to the opponent left some chances. In Coach Outlets Store Online at half-time they lost only two goals should be lucky, we could have scored more goals, so the team needs will be created opportunities into the final goal to count." The Chelsea striker finally also said: "we finally be opponents scored two goals at home, only to get a minute. Southampton, retreats, our performance that they believe they have the ability to do something in the game, and finally their group did."

samedi 19 janvier 2013 07:12

Discount Beats Dre Reverse conti says milan to regain confidence

2012-2013 season Italy cup quarter-final between Juventus and AC milan, the results after 120 minutes of tough, Juventus home with WuJi's extra-time goal 2-1 reverse AC milan to Italian cup semi-final. Conti interviews expressed after the game for the team in the last game, conti says to defeat to sampdoria game just renewed confidence after 3 days, this is a great thing.
Face AC milan have a double significance for Discount Beats Dre Juventus, the first is Juventus in the defeat of the season with a worship is AC milan, leaving will be a war of revenge. Second is juve in last weekend's premiership home just lost 10 men of sampdoria, the morale of the team and confidence are the blow, can restore it. Results with QiaoWenKe and WuJi juve's goal through overtime 2-1 victory over AC milan, to the Italian cup of 4.
Conti first expressed after the game the players congratulations: "there is no doubt that this is a difficult game, this is the two great between the club and the team, no matter who won the game should be respected. Of course we for victory the desire of more intense, because we are entering a state of 2013 was not good. Especially the round after losing, I think, including me, no one to pleased with the performance of the team."
"I have told my players the game, I don't want to happen again last weekend against sampdoria, I also hope they can forget what happened in that game. Today we are in the game or showing strong self-confidence, attack, we wasted a lot of chances, QiaoWenKe goal is very beautiful, but he also wasted some chances." Conti to match the process of basic satisfaction.
After conti has special praise for the game Cheap Beats Dre instead of starting the goalkeeper buffon storari has! "I think coach in today dedicated a great game, he stopped the opponents have threat shooting many times, it was because of his existence that we secured victory, I'm proud of him."
24-16, Juventus will be in the Italian cup semi-final against lazio, both sides in the league the first leg clash once 1-1 shake hands, this also is Juventus this season in the league only a draw at home

jeudi 10 janvier 2013 08:26

monster beats pro Bayern knockout 5 battle premiership team 4

In the uefa headquarters in nyon, Switzerland held 2012-13 season one 8 uefa champions league final draw. In the end, this season in the second half of the bundesliga champions bayern Munich smoke Arsenal for second group B, both sides of the first round competition will be held at the emirates stadium at Arsenal.
Bayern Munich in the champions league last season performance is very good, with breathtaking semi-final game penalty out real Madrid, scored their success in their own home allianz arena for the champions league final, monster beats pro against is out of Chelsea and Barcelona that bayern is potential for champions at will. The bayern earlier into a ball is under the condition of Chelsea's last minute equaliser, and only capitulated in a penalty shoot-out, second finally. The league and cup they defeat again borussia Dortmund in Germany, so that bayern will become awkward after bayer leverkusen's second "sanya king".
In the summer of 2012, has been two years without a crown of bayern Munich in the transfer market are offering a big succession, the Swiss star dempsey, door in xing skipper Dan and wolfsburg striker mann ZhuJiJi successively to join us. Since then, bayern Munich and with a paper 40 million the transfer of the contract, from baal competitive to the team core Harvey - martinez, send you a gift for the supporters. Input from bayern Munich, whom they shall recover not only is the double of the lost, the champions league has since become one of the most pressing need of bayern Munich and.
High investment for high efficiency, in the end of the bundesliga in the second half of the race, a dominance over bayern Munich in 13-3-1 negative 42 points, leading the second 9 into the second championship. They scored 44 goals conceded just seven goals in the league is the performance of investment returns this season. In the champions league, fc bayern although go some now, but still in the final round of surpassing valencia as group F winners qualify for the knockout.
Bayern Munich this rivals Arsenal for bayern Munich in fact also not strange, two teams play a total of four times in the uefa champions league, the bayern win 2 times at home, while the road for 1-1. Both a recent meetings in 2004-05 season, at that time is 1/8 of the champions league final, bayern 3-1 win at home now, and then on the road although 1-0 negative with rivals, but still with 3 - the total score of 2 out into the top eight. Be worth what carry is bayern Munich in the past 5 times in the knockout in England team, including four successful promotion, including the beat Arsenal in the experience. Therefore in psychological, bayern is superior to rivals Arsenal.
Bayern Munich and Arsenal, on the other dr dre beats studio hand, there is a connection point, that is the German player podolski. The 27-year-old midfielder move from cologne to Arsenal this season, and bucked, premiership and champions league scored eight goals in total. He was the only Arsenal a had the experience of playing in bayern Munich player. From 2006 to 2009 he was playing for bayern Munich in the three seasons, and scored 15 goals in the premiership, array of bayern Munich midfielder ShiWeiYinSiTaiGe podolski is close friends. Besides podolski, Arsenal have German centre-half mott Isaac, the battles will be on "German civil war".

vendredi 04 janvier 2013 09:33


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